About Tonner Toys

Tonner Toys is the brainchild of the Fashion Doll icon Robert Tonner and creative designer Jason Reilley. Their aim is to bring high-end collector quality to the child, the young enthusiast and the mass market toy world.

Robert Tonner

Co-founder/ Head Honcho Tonner Toys®

Robert Tonner is a fashion designer, sculptor, doll artist and owner of Tonner Doll Company, Inc. and the Effanbee Doll Company, Inc. AND now co-founder and Head Honcho of Tonner toys.

Robert Tonner is best known for his fashion doll designs and the creation of the Tonner Doll Company, lnc., which designs a number of original doll lines, such as the Tyler Wentworth and Antoinette series. In addition, Tonner Doll Company Inc. contracts with and designs for many major film studios. They have designed dolls for such contemporary films as Harry Potter, Spider-Man 3, and Twilight, as well as classic films, such as Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz.

Robert Tonner has received national and international artistic awards and recognition including a permanent piece at The Louvre Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. He has also served as President of the National Institute of American Doll Artist (NIADA).

Jason Reilley

Co-Founder/Creative Big-Wig Tonner Toys®

Jason Reilley is a toy designer, illustrator and avid toy collector. Now he is also co-founder and Creative Big-Wig of Tonner Toys.

Originally from Kingston, New York, he moved to Brooklyn in 1991 to attend a prestigous art school. His career started at Revlon designing fragrance packaging. That took him in and out of fashion, toys and magazines for a number of years. He eventually decided to only work in toys as they were and always had been the driving passion in his life.

A long-time Tonner fan, he was able to meet Robert through a mutual friend. There was an instant rapport and they became fast friends. Fast forward a couple of years and through an odd coincidence meeting Tonner Toys’ initial inception was dreamed up.

Robert asked Jason if he wanted to start a Toy Company and Jason said yes with no reservations. With mutual friends Jack Kralik and another long time friend, Tonner Toys was formed in 2009.

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